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Transalp independent
asset manager

Acting as a registered swiss asset manager Transalp is recognized by Swiss banks to manage personal investment accounts in behalf of it’s Client, formalized in the form of a management mandate.

Transalp management mandate is taylormade and thus specifically designed to each Client respecting his risk-return profile and investment guidelines.

Being an independent asset manager, Transalp is not compelled to sell or promote any kind of institutional investment products and so it’s able to select the most suitable investments to our Clients.

Building long-term relationships is our ultimate goal. For this purpose Transparency, regular reporting and personal follow-up with our Clients regarding the execution of the management mandate are for us fundamental step-stones.

We consistently provide investment account reporting allowing our Clients to fully identify the composition and risk metrics of their
investment account.

For us wealth management it’s about People and safety and it starts by securing Client’s financial assets in most secure countries and custodian banks (high grade ratings).

All for the family

Personal relationships

We believe trustworthy relationships arise from a close and personal contact, reason why our senior partners are well recognized by our Clients and become the vital bond with Transalp.

Trust is a fundamental core value for us and it is at the very heart of everything we do. We know that our success is dependent on consistently being able to earn our Client’s trust.

Holistic approach, integrated service

In current globalization context of people and services, we understand wealth management as being able to provide an
holistic approach to serve the specific needs of our Clients.

We are able to provide complementary services in top of traditional wealth management services, alowing our Clients to optimize the full range of assets that compose their wealth.

" life isn't about finding yourself.
it's about creating yourself. "

Georges Bernard Shaw